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This is a weekend retreat for Sacramentally married couples that provides them with an opportunity to begin their spiritual journey together (or deepen it if it already exists) as well as an introduction to Domestic Church for those interested in beginning formation with Domestic Church.

Our next Domestic Church Retreat: Dates for our next retreat are coming soon!


What are couples saying?

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"The Domestic Church retreat was a much-needed getaway for us just 2 weeks before baby Rosalie was born. It’s really important to get away from the business of life from time to time to work on the two most important things: God and family. The time away itself was powerful, but Domestic Church also provides you with a “toolbox” to improve your relationship with God and each other. From monthly couple dialogues to teaching the boys to talk to God each night, all of the tools we’ve implemented have been immensely helpful for us. Regardless of where you are in your marriage or relationship with God, this retreat has an important message for you and a game plan to see it through." - BEAU & CHELSI BOURGEOIS


"Going into the Domestic Church retreat we agreed that, while we desired to pray together as a couple and a family, it felt awkward and unnatural. It was always our hope that our relationship and family would be united by prayer. For years we tried to make it happen but were left discouraged. The reality is that no one ever taught us how to pray together or even warned us that it doesn’t just “happen”. We are so grateful for the tools and guidance that we received from this retreat- not only for how to integrate our personal prayer lives but also for how to have intentional conversations and dialogue on a regular basis. We continue to use many of the resources and practices presented at the retreat, and it has worked wonders in our marriage." 


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"The Domestic Church Retreat reaffirmed for us the extreme importance of raising our family in a home that encourages our children to practice our faith on a daily basis. Whether it is nightly family prayer or morning prayer together before we all leave for the day, we strive to set the example as parents to our children that our faith is a daily faith not just a Sunday routine. The retreat gave us a beautiful opportunity to spend some much-needed alone time together as a couple in prayer and reflection, and gave us the opportunity to game plan and set goals on how we will build our Domestic Church at home." - BEN & ADRIENNE BOLTON

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"The Domestic Church retreat far exceeded all expectations that we had going into it. The experience was an amazing opportunity to spend time together as a couple and strengthen our marriage. We were given tools to aid in creating a structure for our family that is rooted in a love for God. It was extremely beneficial to interact with other couples around topics such as family prayer and spousal roles. Since attending the retreat we have experienced increased happiness in our home and have noticed an increased interest in the Church from our children. The Domestic Church retreat is an excellent opportunity of all married couples to strengthen their relationship and gain tools to lead their family in Christ." - ZACH & MELISSA LEDET

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