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The ACTS Retreat is for any man desiring to take the next step in their relationship with God. On this retreat, you will not only encounter the person of Jesus Christ. You will also encounter a community of men who desire to walk with you on your journey to holiness. Our ACTS Retreat is a beautiful reminder that we are not in this life alone. 




March 24 - 27, 2022

Lumen Christi Retreat Center

$266 per man


What are men saying?



Richie's Story
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"I was invited to attend this retreat and agreed to go with no idea what this experience would be like. I decided to go based on my belief that to get better you have to exert some effort on your own. I decided I would attend with an open mind and see where this would lead. I can tell you 2 things for sure: (1) The ACTS retreat will be different than any other spiritual experience you’ve had (for the better). (2) Your life, especially your spiritual life, will be changed forever. I now know that God is not up the road looking over His shoulder calling back: "Come on, catch up," but rather right next to you every step of the way. At the ACTS Retreat, you will have an experience that will help you attain your goal of reaching heaven and spending eternity with GOD." - MICHAEL SOBERT

Travis final.jpg

"I actually went into the ACTS retreat feeling quite skeptical. It was in my mind that this was just another rinse and repeat retreat and that I might be wasting what little time I seem to have. I could NOT have been more wrong. The ACTS Retreat is a place to grow not just in fellowship with Christ, but also with the men in your community. ACTS is unlike anything that I’ve been a part of. I can almost guarantee you will leave this retreat with a new purpose, a new understanding of the love of our Savior, and the brotherhood of some very awesome men. God bless." - TRAVIS LEONARD

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"The ACTS retreat was an eye opening experience for me. It was great to be surrounded by men chasing the same goal as me. I think every man should go to this retreat to experience the presence of God through men of all ages. Everyone searching for God and His forgiveness. I left this retreat walking on cloud 9.  I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit, and I wanted more of Jesus in my life when it ended. I felt a change in myself, and I know that everyone attending felt the same. I am now a part of a community of brothers in Christ and have developed a stronger relationship with Christ since the ACTS retreat." - TODD DANOS

Jerry Erceg final.jpg

"ACTS stands for Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. This retreat is a real opportunity to advance your walk on your spiritual path! Lumen Christi Retreat Center and the ACTS Retreat are the perfect pairing to spend some quality time away from everyday life. On an ACTS retreat, you can examine yourself and where you are on your spiritual journey. This retreat was exactly what I needed and was searching for. The men who attended the last ACTS retreat have become close friends and still gather together even now, months later." - JERRY ERCEG

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